Dance Machine 1

Dance Machine 1 stage
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The very first edition.
The concert opened with a balloon drop.
Between the performances, skaters and dancers groups did some demos. Among them, the DanseBand, featuring Franck Delhaye who would later be well-known for his contribution to the boys-band 2Be3.

Dr Alban - Sing Hallelujah 1. Dr Alban - Sing Hallelujah

Alban performs with 2 breakdancers and a blond model lipsyncing over Nana and Birgitta's vocals

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2. Dr Alban - No Coke

Stakka Bo - Here We Go Again 3. Stakka Bo - Here We Go Again

Ace Of Base - All That She Wants 4. Ace Of Base - All That She Wants

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5. Ace Of Base - Wheel Of Fortune

DJ Bobo - Somebody Dance With Me 6. DJ Bobo - Somebody Dance With Me

Featuring Emel singing playback

Sub Sub - Ain't No Love 7. Sub Sub - Ain't No Love

Melanie Williams, in a zebra outfit, perfomrs live

East 17 - House Of Love 8. East 17 - House Of Love

Many special effects were add to the performance : group's logo, various animations and tongue-in-cheek introduction of the 4 members as a scrolling text

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9. East 17 - West End Girls

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10. Spagna - I Always Dream About You

GO Culture - Darladirladada 11. GO Culture - Darladirladada

2 female dancers, a drummer and a MC lipsyncing over the song were on stage

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12. Time To Time - Omnibus

Haddaway - What Is Love 13. Haddaway - What Is Love

Haddaway performs along 3 dancers and a singer who is probably Lisa Noya, the original voice of the song

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14. Haddaway - Life

Space Master - Jumping To The Party 15. Space Master - Jumping To The Party

Vocals of the song were recorded by diva Michelle Weeks. However it was a blond lady and a male dancer wearing glasses who were on stage.

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16. MC Sar and the Real McCoy - Another Night

Indra - Yesterday Is History 17. Indra - Yesterday Is History

Indra comes on stage with 4 dancers with sunglasses dressed with striped suit vests

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18. Pleasure Game - Capitaine Flam

Nathalie Vincent, who nowadays works as moderator on the TV channels M6 and TF1, was on stage with the project, lipsyncing on the song together with Philippe Dhont. She was presented as being named "Thalie".

Culture Beat - Mr Vain 20. Culture Beat - Mr Vain

Tania and Jay performed their song completely live, along with 2 female dancers

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21. Culture Beat - Mr Vain