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About 200 persons worked on every concert.

Anne Dörr Palmowski

Dance Machine 1 - 9, Disco Machine

Anne Dörr directed most Dance machine concerts. Then she exported her concept to Germany and contributed to the birth of the Dome concerts there.

She also contributed to TV shows and games such as "Fort Boyard", "Questions pour un champion" or "La Cible". She realised conventions for many great brands such as Airbus and Citroën. She also created a coaching company and realized the films of musicals such as Gone With The Wind

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Ophélie Winter

Dance Machine 4, 5, 6 & 8.

Daughter of Dutch born 70s singer David Alexander Winter and model Cathy Kleerekoper. After hosting the Multitop and Dance machine Club, she was regarded as a female French R&B pioneer with her 1995 single Dieu M'a Donné La Foi, which sold 500,000 copies and got her nominated as "Révélation" for the Victoires de la Musique. Her second album Privacy sold 1 million copies. Ophélie Winter also appeared in movies, including Claude Lelouch's Hommes Femmes Mode D'Emploi.

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Yves Noël

All Dance Machine concerts but the 2000 edition

Yves and his twin brother Hervé started their career as actors in many TV ads (Solutricine, Biactol, Amstrad, Nescafé, Persil, DéliChoc, MBK...) and 2 TV films (Marseille and Faux frères), then they took part to the TV soap Premiers Baisers. Together they presented the Multitop (that would later be renamed Hit Machine) on M6. Later Hervé will be replaced by Ophélie Winter then Laura Marine.

In 2004, Yves Noël appeared on France 3 as moderator for the loto sportif results, then in a broadcast dedicated to soccer.

Laura Marine

Dance Machine 3, 4

Laura Marine comes from Bruxelles. She co-presented the Multitop with Yves Noël, then Samedi Boutique with Bellemare Jr, and did appearances in the TV series Highlander, and Classe Mannequin. She also appeared in theater plays (Le canard à l’orange, Virginie) and a movie (Marie) and worked on the radio stations Skyrock and Europe 1.

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Dance Machine 1, 3, 4, 5

Nowadays a huge TV star in France, Sébastien Cauet started his carreer on the radio. Till 1995, he contributed to a morning radio show on Fun Radio. He successively worked on Skyrock, NRJ, Europe 2, then again on Fun Radio till 2008, to join again Europe 2 which meanwhile has been renamed Virgin radio. On TV, he moderates CaueTivi on MCM and till 2008 the famous Méthode Cauet on TF1. Among other things, he owned a magazine called Guts, gave his name to a burger, did an appearance in a movie, and was Garfield's French voice in the 2 movies.

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Dance Machine 1 to 8

Animateur radio, très connu dans les années 90 pour son émission Lovin Fun sur Fun Radio qu'il co-présentait avec le pédiatre Christian Spitz (alias Le Doc). Ensemble, ils répondaient aux questions des jeunes auditeurs sur la sexualité.
Après avoir quitté Fun Radio en 1996, il anime plusieurs émissions, notamment Radio Libre sur Skyrock ou plus récemment The Morning.

Vrai nom : David Massard

Jill Hamilton

Dance Machine 1, 2

American host, Jill started her carreer working with French singers Philippe Lavil and Florent Pagny. She hosted shows on M6 along with Laurent Petitguillaume, among them a concept that would be later become Dance Machine Club

Laurence Romance

Dance Machine 4, 5

Rock music and Kurt Cobain specialist, she started her carreer as a singer for the band Radio Romance. She hosted the show "Rock Express" on M6 from 1993 to 1997. She wrote for the newspapers and magazines Best, Libération, Les Inrockuptibles and Rolling Stone.


Dance Machine 3, 4

Génie (Eugénie-Marie Godula) comes from Chicago (USA). She worked on Fun Radio till 1998, then worked on the radio station Europe 1, and more recently on France 24 where she presents the English edition of the news.
She also did appearances on the TV channels TF1, France 3, Voyage and TMC, and worked as a translator on festivals.

Philippe Stoltz

Journalist and TV producer, he worked for M6, Endemol, H2O and more recently 11Screen. He produced most Dance Machine shows as well as many real-TV shows.

Marc Ganivet

DJ and remixer, he mixed many Dance Machine compilations. He also produced a version of Corona's Megamix. He worked as a producer on Fun Radio.


Dance machine 1

DJ on Fun Radio, he took part to several Dance machine compilations (volumes 2, 3, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10). He used to be the producer of Cauet's radio shows. He followed him on Skyrock and Europe 2 radio stations.
He contributes to the morning show on Kit FM, a radio station owned by his brother Maurad Drif